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Strongarm Wall Stations can be easily customized to fit your wall mounted operator interface need. Choose from wall mount tabs or thru holes in the rear of the enclosure, inset or wedge style keyboard housing and standard panel mount or aseptic displays. NEMA Type 4 and 12 units are made from powder coated carbon steel and Type 4X units are fabricated from either 304 or 316L Stainless Steel. Like all of Strongarm’s products, the Wall Station is engineered to order allowing us to modify your system to meet your specific requirements.

  • Operator friendly interface
  • Tightly integrated and compact, Ideal for machine or process control applications
  • Display sizes range from 15” to 24” and are available with or without touchscreens
  • NEMA Type 4/12 (Powder Coated Steel) or Type 4X (304/316L Stainless)
  • IP64, IP65 & IP66 configurations available
  • Choose from inset keyboard (shown) to minimize protrusion into room, or a wedge-style keyboard for improved ergonomics
  • Touch screen options to meet any environmental requirements.
  • Variety of different pointer options are available including Strongarm’s patented Stainless Steel Mouse
  • Mechanical Keyswitch Keyboard with super durable polyester overlay
  • Wall mounting tabs or thru holes in the rear of the enclosure
  • Enclosures are fabricated from 14 gauge carbon (4/12) or stainless steel (4X)
  • Aluminum Subpanel on rear door for mounting terminal blocks, PC’s, KVM’s or other components
  • 1/4 turn latches on rear door
  • Optional Purge systems allow for installation in any Division 1 or Division 2 hazardous area
  • Intrinsically Safe Non-Incendive options are also available for Class I Division 2 areas
  • UL 508A Listed (File No E225791)

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