RS232 to RS422/485 Converter w/Surge & Isolation Protection, (Includes Power Adapter)

Vendor: Antaira


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  • $138.00

Antaira Technologies STS-1915SI is a RS232 to RS422/485 serial converter. Designed to work as either a client or server, the STS-1915SI is able to provide RS422/485 serial communication through the standard RS232 port. The STS-1915SI has the added benefit of surge and isolation protection. The surge protection is up to ±8kV Contact Discharge and ±15kV Air-Gap Discharge, and isolation protection up to 2,500Vrms.

The STS-1915SI is equipped with a standard DB9 female connector and serial terminal block for flexible wiring. The serial converter can be either powered by the RS232 line voltage or a USB to barrel 5VDC input jack.

The STS-1915SI can convert between unbalanced RS232 full-duplex signals to balanced RS422/485 full or half duplex signals. The RS485 serial is able to be configured in either a two or four wire configuration. The serial converter is compatible with both new and legacy RS422 and RS485 devices. The STS-1915SI is easy to install and does not require the user to power cycle the computer, preventing downtime.


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