RS232 To RS232 Repeater with Surge and 3-way Isolation Protection

Vendor: Antaira


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  • $120.00

The STS-1921SI RS232 to RS232 Isolation Adapter is designed for your PC, workstation, thin client, or server to provide an instant isolation solution to the serial devices.
The STS-1921SI equipped a female DB9 connector that can be connected to your PC. The RS232 port, configured as a DCE port, has a female DB9 connector with pins for all RS232 signals (TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, DCD, RI and GND) are isolated coupled to the male DB9 connector configured as a DTE port.

The STS-1921SI is compatible with new and legacy RS232 devices. It is easy to install and use without turning your PCs power off. It provides the scalability to quickly adapt to new RS232 technologies to provide an instant isolation and ESD protection solution. Complete product line offer many choices help you to expand and make your serial network grow with your requirements.


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