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Strongarm Mobile work stations offer ultimate flexibility and cost savings. One Mobile Station can be shared between process areas, particularly in cases where not all areas operate continuously. Every Mobile Station is outfitted specifically to the application, emphasizing compact size while providing the necessary capabilities for your application. Power options consist of tethered AC power or Full Battery for continuous mobile operation. NEMA Type 4 and 12 units are made from powder coated carbon steel and Type 4X units are fabricated from either 304 or 316L Stainless Steel. Strongarm offers complete integration services for all Operator Interface Mountings, including customer supplied component integration, electrical wiring or customer specified components procured and wired by Strongarm.

  • Operator friendly interface with mobility
  • Sealed Lead Acid (Vented) or Lithium Phosphate (Sealed) Battery Options
  • Uninterruptable Power Source (UPS) Options for AC Tethered units for temporary power while unplugged
  • Display sizes range from 15” to 24” and are available with or without touchscreens
  • NEMA Type 4/12 (Powder Coated Steel) or Type 4X (304/316L Stainless)
  • IP64, IP65 & IP66 configurations available
  • Touch screen options to meet any environmental requirements.
  • Variety of different pointer options are available including Strongarm’s patented Stainless Steel Mouse
  • Mechanical Keyswitch Keyboard with super durable polyester overlay
  • Enclosures are fabricated from 14 gauge carbon (4/12) or stainless steel (4X)
  • Subpanel on rear door for mounting terminal blocks, PC’s or KVM extenders
  • Static or slide out tray options for barcode printers, laser printers or component mounting.
  • Intrinsically Safe Non-Incendive options are also available for Class I Division 2 areas
  • UL 508A Listed (File No E225791)

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