IP30 Industrial Ethernet Extender, 1-kilometer 10/100Mbps Ethernet PoE Extender (1 Pair)

Vendor: Antaira


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Antaira Technologies’ LEP-301M-KIT contains both LEP-301M-TX and LEP-301M-RX. The former is a long reach transceiver with one PoE PD Ethernet port and one PoE Long Reach injector port, and the latter is a long reach receiver with one PoE Long Reach Extender port and one PoE PSE Ethernet port.

LEP-301M-KIT is greatly beyond 100 meters distance limitation of RJ45 cable. Up to 1km the data and power can be transmitted simultaneously over the UTP cable. This kit is fully compliant with IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3af/at standards. Operation status can be locally monitored through a set of diagnostic LEDs located in the front and rear panels.


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