IP30 Industrial Ethernet Extender

Vendor: Antaira

SKU: IVC-4011-T-V2

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Antaira Technologies’ IVC-4011-T-V2 is an Industrial Ethernet Extender that has a switching architecture with 4 RJ-45 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports and one asymmetric or symmetric Ethernet over VDSL port– the VDSL port can be RJ-11 or BNC connector. The embedded BNC or RJ-11 port is allowing customers to continue using their existing network with the current coaxial cable or telephone wire without the need of rewiring.   

The IVC-4011-T-V2 provides a high level of immunity to electromagnetic interference and heavy electrical surges typical of environments like plant floors or in curbside traffic control cabinets.  The IVC-4011-T-V2 designs with IP-30 metal case with DIN Rail or Wall Mount support. It also can operate under any extreme ambient weather temperature range from -40 to 75 degree C.   

Without spending extra cost, users can easily re-deploy a new local Internet in any residential areas, Public Service Facilities, Campus, and Hospitality Environment by applying the IVC-4011-T-V2 on the original network structure.


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