Ethernet over VDSL2 Converter - 1*10/100/1000Tx + 1*VDSL2/RJ11, 1*Phone - 30a

Ethernet over VDSL2 Converter - 1*10/100/1000Tx + 1*VDSL2/RJ11, 1*Phone - 30a

Vendor: Antaira

SKU: EVC-3101

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Antaira Technologies’ EVC-3101 is an Ethernet-over-VDSL2 converter with high performance. It is designed based on two core networking technologies: Ethernet and VDSL2 (Very-high-data-rate Digital Subscriber Line 2). The VDSL2 technology offers the absolute fastest data transmission speeds over existing copper telephone lines without the need of rewiring. The EVC-3101 supports ultra-high performance to the pervasive telephone line network with up to 200/160Mbps symmetric data rate within 300m and 28/12Mbps for 1.4km long-range connections.

Via the latest VDSL2 technology, EVC-3101 offers very high-performance access to Internet – up to 160Mbps for upstream and 200Mbps for downstream data transmission. With integrated support for the ITU-T’s new G.993.5 Vectoring technology, the EVC-3101 works in conjunction with vectoring-enabled DSLAMs to remove crosstalk interference and improve maximum line bandwidth across the existing copper infrastructure.

The EVC-3101 is also a Long Reach Ethernet (LRE) converter which provides one RJ45 Ethernet port and one RJ11 phone jack. The one RJ11 phone jack is for VDSL2 connection. The splitter provided with the EVC-3101 can assist in extending Ethernet using VDSL2 over the same wires as a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). The splitter is used to connect to the rj11 wall jack then connecting a phone to one port and the EVC-3101 to the other effectively splitting the POTS line from the VDSL2 circuit. This makes the EVC-3101 an ideal product for extending a network over existing POTS lines.


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