4-Port USB2.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Server

4-Port USB2.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Server

Vendor: Antaira


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The UTE-404K is a 4-Port USB2.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Server that is designed for a client PC to work with the remote USB devices over local a network or Internet as if they were connected directly to your local PC.
The built-in high performance processor supports 4 high speed USB2.0 ports to connect a wide range of USB-based devices to an Gigabit Ethernet network or Internet. It allows multiple USB devices to be shared with many client PCs over Internet.
It supports screw lock features for the downstream (USB type A) connectors with the screw lock USB cables. It prevents from disconnecting the USB cables accidentally.
The UTE-404K provides the scalability to quickly adapt devices to new USB technologies. Multiple modules can be added to Ethernet interface allowing you to add USB connectivity as needed. Complete product line offer many choices help you to expand and make your network grow with your requirements.


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