10GBase-R SFP+ to 10GBase-R SFP+ Media Converter

10GBase-R SFP+ to 10GBase-R SFP+ Media Converter

Vendor: Antaira

SKU: FCU-5002-SFP+

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  • $398.00

Antaira Technologies FCU-5002-SFP+ is a compact fiber to fiber media converter. The FCU-5002-SFP+ is housed in a industrial meta case and conforms to the FCC emission standards. The FCU-5002-SFP+ features two LC SFP connectors capable of 10 gigabit fiber-to-fiber communication. The FCU-5002-SFP+ complies with SFF-8431 and IEEE 802.3ae 10GBaseR standards. The front has LED indicators for power and link activity for FO1 and FO2, allowing the user to quickly determine if there is a connection. The major advantage of the SFP-5002-SFP+ is the ability to convert between multi-mode and single-mode fiber mediums.


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