Industrial Gigabit POE++ Injector (90W/Port, 9-55Vdc)

Industrial Gigabit POE++ Injector (90W/Port, 9-55Vdc)

Vendor: Antaira

SKU: INJ-C201G-bt-24-T

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  • $318.00

Antaira Technologies’ INJ-C201G-bt-24-T, solve the problem simply by deploying data and power from non-PoE switch and power input to the PD device. PoE injector is a brilliant low-cost solution for the case that only one side of devices is supporting PoE function. Therefore, INJ-C201G-bt-24-T will be your best choice to deal with the lack of PoE function cases.

INJ-C201G-bt-24-T support low voltage 9VDC model with power booster technology, ensuring full 90W PoE output, for better usage in the automation industry. INJ-C201G-bt-24-T with fan-less design, besides extending surely apply to various industrial application, it works perfectly in polarized temperature from -40°C to 75°C, and undoubtedly becomes your best option in the industrial market.


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